Soup of the Day

“The French Table” Fishcakes

Smoked Duck Salad


Grilled Breast of Chicken, Carrot Mousseline, Basil Pesto

Fish of the Day

“The French Table” Fishcakes

Confit of Duck Leg flavoured with Garlic & Thyme

Pan-fried Sirloin Steak, Red Wine Jus (3€ Supplement)

All the above main courses are served with potato and a selection of vegetables


Vanilla flavoured Crème Brûlée

Tarte du Jour

Selection of Adare Farm Ice-Creams


2 Courses €16.00

3 Courses €20.00

Soup of the Day                                                                                                €4.00


“The French Table” Fishcakes                                                                        €7.00                      €10.00


Chicken and Smoked Bacon Salad                                                                        €6.00                        €9.00

(Tomato, Croutons, Egg & Shallot Dressing)


Tiger Prawn Salad                                                                                                €6.00                        €9.00

(Croutons, Cherry Tomato, Roasted Red Peppers & Shallot Dressing)


Warm Goat’s Cheese Tartlet,

Smoked Duck, Garden Leaves, Sautéed Potatoes                                                                        €9.00


Warm Steak Sandwich,                                                                                                            €9.00

Plum Tomato, Lettuce and Horseradish Cream, Sautéed Potatoes


Croque Monsieur                                                                                                                        €8.00

(Toasted Ham & Cheese with Béchamel Sauce, Sautéed Potatoes)


Croque Madame                                                                                                                        €9.00

(Toasted Ham & Cheese with Béchamel Sauce, Fried Egg, Sautéed Potatoes)


Grilled Breast of Chicken,                                                                                                          €12.50

Red Wine Jus, Vegetables, Sautéed Potatoes


Fish of the Day                                                                                                                      €12.50

Selection of Vegetables, Sautéed Potatoes


Confit of Duck Leg                                                                                                                      €14.50

Selection of Vegetables, Sautéed Potatoes


Grilled Sirloin Steak                                                                                                                      €16.00

Buttered Vegetables and Sautéed Potatoes



Our A La Carte Dinner Menu is also available at Lunchtime

Vanilla flavoured Crème Brûlée                                                                                                €7


Chocolate Mousse & Chantilly Cream                                                                                    €7


Dessert Platter for Two People                                                                                                €14


Selection of Adare Farm Ice Creams                                                                                                €6


Tarte du Jour                                                                        €7


Nougat Glacé with Fresh Berries                                                                        €8


Selection of French Cheeses                                                                                                            €10


Crêpe with Sugar & Lemon                                                                                                            €5


Crêpe with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream                                                                        €7


Crêpe with Berries & Chantilly Cream                                                                                    €7