Tartiflette Recipe

Tartiflette Recipe

Recipe for Tartiflette

Limerick has been buzzing over the past few weeks and we have been delighted to be able to participate in peoples Christmas fun and cheer by being host to many Christmas parties and family get togethers at the restaurant.  One of our very popular dishes during this cold winter weather has been our Tartiflette dish which we serve as both a starter and a main course in the restaurant.  Tartiflette is a potato based dish popular in skiing resorts and mountain regions in France.  Thomas is delighted to share this tasty recipe for you to try out at home.

Ingredients for Tartiflette

For 8 people

  • 800g Small New Potatoes
  • 250g Smoked Bacon/ Lardons
  • 150g Diced Shallots
  • 2 dl Cream
  • ½ Reblochon Cheese
  • 1 dl White Wine

Tartiflette Preparation

Boil the potatoes. Peel and slice them once they are cooked.
Fry the bacon/lardons and the shallots until they have a nice colouring.
Add the potatoes.
Divide the mixture into individual ramekins.
Cover with slices of reblochon cheese.
Pour the cream over the mix as well as a little white wine in each dish.
Cook in a preheated oven at 180°C until the cheese is gratinated and bubbling.
Serve warm with a generous serving of tossed green salad leaves.

Bon Appétit!